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At Romac, we place an uncompromising emphasis on the importance of quality installation, considering it one of our three distinguishing attributes in the business. Proper installation is not only vital to fulfilling a commercial sign contract, but it’s a critical element often overlooked. Cutting corners or underestimating the complexities of an installation can result in significant financial losses or, in more severe cases, jeopardize safety and lives.

When it comes to commercial signs, both indoor and outdoor, the true measure of a job well done is not always evident at first glance. It’s only when circumstances arise to challenge the quality of the installation and test the fasteners that the true value becomes apparent. At Romac, we employ the most secure and reliable installation materials and methods to ensure our clients have peace of mind, knowing that their meticulously designed and masterfully crafted signs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and securely installed.

However, safety is not the sole consideration when it comes to proper installation. Theft and vandalism can often result in costly inconveniences. In settings like universities, well-intentioned graduates may take dorm markers as mementos of their years of hard work. While seemingly harmless, improper installation and poor design can lead to thousands of dollars in annual replacement and damage costs.

You can place your trust in Romac to execute every project with the same unwavering commitment to quality that characterizes our other services. We are dedicated to ensuring that your installations are not just secure and safe, but also aesthetically pleasing, resilient, and resistant to unforeseen challenges.

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